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Easy SEO For Your Website

SEO isn't all technical and complicated and you don't have to be a techy to do it.

SEO is mainly making sure your website is interesting, the content includes relevant keywords and your headings are well placed and well written.

The next few paragraphs are about the basics of how to get good rankings in the search engines in plain english with no jargon, or at least as little as possible ...

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. By doing SEO on a website we can influence where our websites rank in the search engine results.

Onsite SEO - SEO Done On The Website

What you're aiming for with your content writing (onsite SEO) is:

  • Interesting content throughout your website making good use of your keywords or phrases
  • Each page having it's own focus and therefore it's ownkeywords or phrases, the keywords must relevant to the focus, and content, of the page.
  • Making good use of the keywords or phrases in the meta tags and alt tags (you can ask your web developer to do this)

SEO should be done for humans, when you're writing content for your website with keywords in mind do it with your human filter turned on, whether it's an article or a heading, the keywords and phrases should fit, in context, comfortably into the text.

Always find time to track your results. Use Google Analytics is a free and easy way to do this, ask your web developer to install the code on the website and you can see the information by logging into Google Analytics..

All About Keywords

It's not about attracting thousands of people to your site, it's about attracting the RIGHT people to your site. Who is your ideal customer, and how do they speak? Making sure you use the words your customers are using it will help attract the right people. Don't paraphrase, use the exact same words, use their actual language and your website will be the one ranking well in the search results.

  • The keywords are the most relevant and important words / short phrases on a webpage. Each page or post on your site should have a different keyword or focus.
  • The easiest way to optimise for a keyword or phrase on a web page is to use the keyword in a natural way in the content and headings.
  • Choose 2 to 3 very very related phrases of two or three words and use wisely on the page keeping your human filter turned on to ensure it reads well and makes sense and the page will be interesting for visitors to the site.
  • Whatever you do DO NOT keyword stuff, that means, don't use the keyword simply for the sake of it, it must be in context, relevant and read well to a human.
  • The other places the keywords should be used by your web developer when the site is built is in the page name (url) and title tag and description tag, image name and alt tag. If this wasn't done and you need help with it please contact us.

Wordpress SEO

If you're using Wordpress install the Yoast plugin and use the plugin to help with your onsite SEO.

Offsite SEO - SEO Done Off The Website

The basics of offsite SEO includes:

  • Social Media (eg facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest) always include a link to the relevant page on your website from your social media posts. If someone else shares the post your link will be shared with it. The more the merrier!
  • Blog posts, articles and media releases that include relevant links to your website
  • Getting other websites and blogs to link to yours

When you are looking for other sites to link to yours:

  • Choose your link partners carefully, do not use spammy link building services or programs no matter how easy an alternative they appear to be. You're looking for quality links first, not quantity.
  • Look for websites that are stronger than yours to link to yours to improve your rankings. Primarily you're looking for domain authority, you ideally are looking for sites with a higher domain authority than your own. You can find the domain authority of any website here
  • Aim for sites that are relevant to yours, eg there is not much point in having a auto mechanic website linking to a wedding dress website.

If you have any questions or would like any help setting up a SEO strategy for your website for you to do yourself, contact us.!

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